Biography of Avraam Konstantinou (Lyricist)

Into the sea of emotions of Avraam Konstantinou, there had always co-existed notions like: Asia Minor, Refugees, separation, culture, melodies and loads of other characteristics that make up a mythical world: the Romioi, who had once achieved great things in the East.

He was born in the late 1970s in Limassol in Cyprus.  A restless spirit and a descendant of a family of refugees from Kyrenia, who from his early childhood, he used to listen carefully to the sounds of yesterday on his grandfather’s old radio: Sophia Vembo, Kaldaras, Vicky Moscholiou, Kouyioumtzis, Tsitsanis, Mitsakis… He also listened to modern songs of his time, but Rembetiko had always seemed to him that it had a special grace.

So much did he love these songs, that at some point, he started to think up his own lyrics as well.  And it was then that his talent started to become apparent.

He studied Journalism at Frederick University.  Along the way, he cooperated with newspapers and magazines that circulated widely to the general public in Cyprus as well as with the bi-communal newspaper “Cyprus Dialogue”.  Poems of his have been published in the Turkish-Cypriot newspaper “Afrika”.  He has also written and published a poetic collection titled “East of Rome”.

He received his first commendation along with an honorary plate in October 2005, which was awarded to him by the Municipality of Lapithos for his first poetic collection “East of Rome”.

In 2012, he travelled to Israel, after an invitation he had received.  There, he cooperated with the talented Israeli composer Doron Orsiano.

The year 2013, however, had been a milestone in his life and career.  It was then, that the notable co-mer and singer Savvas Deyirmentzoglou entered his life.  As soon as their musical ways met, not only were they bound by a true friendship but they also started an amazing cooperation along the way!

Biography of Savvas Degirmentzoglou (Composer-Musician)

He was born in Constantinople in the late 1960s and had lived there since his early childhood until he was 17. The numerous musical stimuli and sounds of this multicultural artistic city and also his father’s musical talent inspired him to choose music as his main occupation from an early age.  He started by playing the guitar and, later on, after learning how to play the piano, always as a self-taught musician, made a duet with his brother.  Since then, he had tried, not without hesitation, to write songs and music for Greek poets.  After his arrival in Greece in 1987, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the National Metsovian Technical University, while music had never stopped being his incurable passion.  Along with his brother, who had quickly developed into a talented bouzouki player, they played popular music (laika) as a duet in Athenian taverns while, at the same time, he created the musical band “Oi Metoikoi”.  They had made many musical tributes with the band; at first, at Saint Nicholas Association and, later on, at the Association of Constantinopolitans in Kallithea for almost 10 years.  Among others, some of these tributes were made to Kouyoumtzis, Kaldaras, Zambettas, Theodorakis, Mitsakis, Loizos, Plessas and Lefteris Papadopoulos (in the presence of the last two) and also to the New Wave (Neo Kima), to popular music (Entehno Laiko), and to Rembetiko and they have also gave concerts which were dedicated to the Ionian Feasts (Ionikes Yiortes) of the Municipality of Nea Smyrni and to the Feasts of the Sea (Yiortes tis Thalassas) of the Municipality of Alimos, and to the Nautical Week in Eretria and they had also participated in a tribute to the Asia Minor's disaster which took place in the Theatre of Lycabettus. 

In 2013, he meets Avraam Konstantinou, an exceptional Cypriot lyric writer, whose lyrics about Constantinople and Asia Minor inspire him and since then, Savvas Degirmentzoglou had been writing these songs with Avraam Konstantinou.  He is married to Katerina Adosoglou and they have two children.